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What are condoms?

Condoms are a barrier method of contraception that can prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections by “catching” the ejaculate (cum) and preventing it from entering the female. A condom is placed over the erect penis before intercourse. There are many types of condoms including flavoured, ribbed, dotted, trim, large, non latex and strong. There is a condom to fit most men and variations of condoms for vaginal, oral and anal sex. Condoms should also be used to cover sex toys to prevent passing on sexually transmitted infections

How to use a condom

Condom demo from NHS Highland on Youtube

What to do if a condom bursts

It may be advisable to seek emergency contraception

Reasons to use condoms

  1. Condoms are the only contraceptive that help prevent both pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) when used properly and consistently.
  2. Condoms can be up to 98% effective in preventing pregnancy but only if they are used properly and consistently. The failure rate with typical use tends to be significantly higher than this.
  3. Condoms have none of the medical side-effects that some other contraceptive methods may have.
  4. Condoms are available in various shapes, colours, flavours, textures and sizes to suit most people and  to increase the fun of making love with condoms.
  5. Condoms are free and  widely available across Dumfries and Galloway – free from Sexual Health clinics. You don't need a prescription or have to visit a doctor.
  6. Condoms make sex less messy.
  7. Condoms are user friendly. With a little practice, they can also add confidence to the enjoyment of sex.
  8. Condoms are only needed when you are having sex unlike some other contraceptives which require you to take or have them all of the time.

Where to get condoms

Free condoms and lubricant by post is a project available only for those living in Dumfries & Galloway who may find it difficult to access free condoms and lubricant.

Confidence tips

Negotiating skills

It can be difficult  and embarrassing to talk about using condoms but you shouldn't let  this become a health risk. The person you are thinking about having sex with may not agree at first when you say that you want to use a condom when you have sex. These are some examples of excuses you may hear and some of the answers you may give

Don't you trust me? Trust isn't the point, people can have infections without realising it
It does not feel as good with a condom I'll feel more relaxed, If I am more relaxed, I can make it feel better for you.
I don't stay hard when I put on a condom I'll help you put it on, that will help you keep it hard.
I am afraid to ask him to use a condom. He'll think I don't trust him. If you can't ask him, you probably don't trust him.
I can't feel a thing when I wear a condom Maybe that way you'll last even longer and that will make up for it
I don't have a condom with me I do
It's up to him... it's his decision It's your health. It should be your decision too!
I'm on the pill, you don't need a condom I'd like to use it anyway. It will help to protect us from infections we may not realise we have.
It just isn't as sensitive and I can't feel a thing Maybe that way you will last even longer and that will make up for it
Putting it on interrupts everything Not if I help put it on
I guess you don't really love me I do, but I am not risking my future to prove it
I will pull out in time Women can get pregnant and get STIs from pre-ejaculate
But I love you Then you'll help us to protect ourselves.
Just this once Once is all it takes
None fit me I’m sure we will find one that fits you
I’m too shy So am I but we will have a giggle about it