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Contraception » Natural Family Planning (NFP)


How effective is it?

Variable. Depends on the method, or methods used and whether other contraception is used some of the time.
May be up to 98% effective.

How does it work?

NFP depends on the individual knowing the fertile and infertile times of the menstrual cycle - that is when a woman is likely to have released an egg which a sperm could fertilise. The method relies on finding out when an egg is released and avoiding sex around this time. This may be done by taking rectal temperature and looking at changes in the cervix mucus.

Possible Side Effects

Advantages / Benefits


Who can provide it?

To be effective, the method should be learned from a trained NFP teacher. These can be sourced on the internet. Contact Sexual Health Services or GP for details.

Persona is an alternative. It is a small computerised monitor, which measures changes in hormone levels in the urine and predicts fertile and infertile days. It is claimed to be 94% effective.