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Lets talk about sex: Ultimate Sex Quiz

Ultimate Sex Quiz

Have you got sex sussed-
or are you baffled by the birds and bees?

Reckon you know about sex? Well if you learned the facts of life from toilet graffiti, gossip and giggling about willies in sex ed, your knowledge could be pretty hazy. And, unfortunately, the less you know about sex, the more likely it is to go wrong when you actually do it. So before you even think about getting cosy with a lad or a lass, have a go at this quiz to see if you've got sexy stuff sussed.

Fill in all the questions below
then hit the button to see your score

Now, let’s see how much you know about getting jiggy!

True or False? 
You won’t get pregnant if you...

Jump up and down after having sex True
Go on the Pill and use a condom during sex True
Make a lad withdraw his penis from the vagina before he ejaculates (comes) True
Have sex during a period True

Which of these are the common symptoms of the sexually transmitted infection (STI) called Chlamydia?

Mood swings
It often has no symptoms
Spots on the face and around the vagina or tip of the penis

Which of the following are NOT STIs?


Are these statements true or false?

The Pill protects you against some STIs True
In 2004, more gay people contacted HIV in the UK than straight people True
You can catch an STI from oral sex True

And finally...

At what age are people legally allowed to have sex in the UK? (please write in the age you think it is)
You are still a virgin even if you have masturbated. True
You have to pay for contraceptives and condoms. True