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safer sex

What is safer sex?

Safer sex is about taking precautions such as using condoms and contraception when taking part in sexual activity. By taking precautions you can help keep yourself from getting a sexually transmitted infection, passing on a sexually transmitted infection or having an unwanted pregnancy.  Remember contraception will only protect you from becoming pregnant. You will need to use a condom to help prevent getting a sexually transmitted infection. It can also mean 'protecting' yourself emotionally and feeling comfortable and happy in a sexual relationship.

It is a good idea to discuss safer sex with your partner before you end up in a sexual relationship, as it is the responsibility of you both.

There are other ways to show people you love them without having sex:

Remember do what you feel is right and do not have sex until you feel you are ready for it. It is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly. Sex should be a happy and healthy experience.